New Construction

While some plumbing companies only handle repairs and emergencies, our expert plumbers are fully trained in all kinds of plumbing installation services


Remodeling is a good time to check your plumbing. Make sure your plumbing is as fresh as the rest of your home.

Water Heaters

We can handle both repairs and installation of your water heaters to make sure you get consistent, warm water.

Sump pump

Keep your home safe and clean with our sump pump installation and repair services to make sure water isn’t collecting in your home.

Installation and Repair

Our services include all manner of installations and repairs, from basic plumbing to complicated jobs like water heaters installation.

Drains Cleaning

Keeping your drains flowing well is an important element of plumbing, so let our professionals keep your drains sparkling at all times.

Repair Frozen Pipies

During a harsh winter snap, frozen pipes can become a real problem, but our plumbing experts will handle that for you!

Replacements & Instalations

If your plumbing can’t be repaired, we’ll go ahead and quickly replace the whole thing for you at reasonable prices.

Leak detection

The best defense against plumbing emergencies is early detection, which is why we specialize in catching leaks before they become serious.


Sometimes, your pipes have to be completely re-done, which is a complicated task, but no problem for us!

Faucets & Fixtures

If you experienced leaky faucets or unreliable fixtures, our local plumbers will make sure it’s working perfectly in no time.


The best way to save on costly repairs is with Retro Plumbing’s regular maintenance schedule, handling issues before they crop up!

Backflow Devices (RPZ)

To protect your potable water sources, make sure you have Retro Plumbing take a look at your backflow devices.

Battery Backup Pump

Keep your sump pump working even in the event of an emergency with our battery-powered backup pump installation.

Booster Pumps Installation

We can install a booster pump in your home to make sure your pipes are always flowing at optimal pressures.

Radon Pipe Installation

A key safety concern for any homeowner is protection against harmful gases. Let our radon pipes protect your home!

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